Therapy, and how it can help

Psychotherapy, as I understand and practice it, is mostly about exploring your unique inner world in a genuine relationship with an empathic and supportive fellow traveler. My guiding principles are: that one always remains the expert on one's own life, that people have the personal resources to overcome their "stuck-ness," and that a collaborative therapeutic relationship is the key to encouraging growth, positive change and more meaningful living. Knowing how to help someone get their living process un-stuck is a way in which therapist expertise can be particularly helpful.

Symptom relief is important, and part of any useful therapy, but it is not the end of the journey. Once your depression has lifted, will you also develop a more deeply satisfying way of engaging in your life? Upon overcoming addictive cravings in recovery, are you ready to explore deeper, more intimate relationships? Psychotherapy can help with just these sorts of life shifts.

My basic theoretical orientation is Person-centered, also incorporating:
gestalt therapy 
behavioral therapy
experiential focusing 
interpersonal neurobiology 
attachment theory / psychodynamic
non-violent communication
family systems

I specialize in the treatment of intellectually and creatively gifted individuals.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist # 90737