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 Psychotherapy/Counseling with a
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My background

I received a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy emphasis, from Phillips Graduate Institute, spring 2012. From 2011-2016 I worked in Mental Health Services at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, where I had the opportunity to conduct individual sessions, work with couples, as well as co-facilitate and lead therapy groups.


I have specialized training, certification and experience in the areas of domestic violence assessment and treatment.

I have experience working with clients whose issues include:

  • mood problems (major depression, dysthymia, bi-polar disorder)

  • anxiety

  • LGBTQ issues

  • trauma recovery

  • personality problems

  • addiction / alcohol problems

  • sexual compulsivity / intimacy issues

  • partner relational problems 

  • phase of life problems

  • domestic violence

  • identity problems


Jim Jacobsen, MA

LMFT, BBS # 90737

My way of being with clients is non-judgmental, non-pathologizing and respectful. Therapy can be long-term or brief, depending on the needs and preferences of the client. 

I specialize in the treatment of intellectually and creatively gifted individuals.

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